What is the claim about?

We are bringing a legal case on behalf of people whose cars breached NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emission standards. We are holding car manufacturers to account where we believe they cheated emissions tests using defeat devices.

It is because of this emissions scandal, so-called “dieselgate”, that your diesel vehicle may emit significantly more toxic NOx than it is allowed to. By bringing an ‘emissions claim’ you could be entitled to thousands of pounds, but you will also be taking part in a movement that, if successful, could prevent thousands of premature deaths and deal a blow to the corporations that, we allege, wilfully ignored regulations designed to keep us all safe in pursuit of greater profits.

Car manufacturers


NOx contains both Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. NOx contributes to various respiratory diseases and some cancers. Pollution from cars is the largest contributor to NOx in the air. Reports estimate that around 40,000 deaths each year are caused by air pollution. In addition, individuals exposed to poor air quality are more likely to suffer from severe Covid-19 symptoms.


Defeat devices allow cars to turn down their emissions control system outside laboratory test conditions i.e. when the cars are driven in the real world. The result is that the cars appear to pass emissions test but emit many times the regulated limits of NOx emissions when driven in normal use. Defeat devices have misled regulators into approving cars as being fit for sale, when in fact they were not.

Are these emissions claims the same as volkswagen group?

In 2015, at the beginning of the “dieselgate” scandal, VW admitted to fitting defeat devices to more than 11 million vehicles. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found VW cars cheated emissions tests. VW incurred €29 billion ($33 billion) in regulatory fines, compensation and buyback schemes.

The defeat device used by Volkswagen detected when an emissions test was being conducted and operated the car in a low emissions mode. The defeat device technology used by manufacturers varies, but the claims in the UK’s emissions scandal will be similar.

Which manufacturers use defeat devices?

Nearly all major manufacturers.

A European committee launched following “dieselgate” concluded that most major car manufacturers rely on regulatory exemptions to justify defeat devices. However, regulatory exemptions are not loopholes to be exploited. We intend to challenge the lawfulness of manufacturers actions in the High Court.

Harcus Parker is a campaigning law firm. We want to help consumers claim compensation. Manufacturers have sold consumers cars which are not legally fit to be driven on UK roads. We believe people have overpaid for these vehicles.

We want manufacturers to cut harmful vehicle emissions. We hope to hold manufacturers to account for breaching their legal and moral responsibilities. NOx and particulate matter harms you and the environment. Whilst manufacturers are switching from fossil fuels to alternative fuels and investing in electric cars, the harm already done cannot be undone.

Join us in our legal group claim today.


We have seen evidence which suggests that almost the entire car industry have in some way tricked regulators over their emissions. Harcus Parker are currently investigating emissions claims against the following manufacturers:

If you have owned or leased a diesel car or motor vehicle fitted with a diesel engine in the UK, manufactured between 2009 and 2018, by any of the above manufacturers, you could claim thousands of pounds of compensation.