Fleet managers and businesses join the fight for cleaner air

Many businesses in the UK chose diesel over petrol to fuel their fleets because they were told it was the more environmentally friendly decision. Had car companies met the regulations for NOx emissions, both in laboratory and real-world conditions, that may well have been true.

Unfortunately, nearly all diesel vans and cars manufactured between 2009-2018 do not meet emissions regulations in real-world driving conditions. As a result, responsible businesses across the UK have unwittingly emitted tonnes of toxic NOx emissions in the very urban areas where their core customers and communities reside, increasing premature deaths associated with air pollution and damaging the natural environment.

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    As cities around the UK begin to act to reduce air pollution, businesses and fleet managers are increasingly finding themselves unable to enter the urban areas where they carry out the bulk of their trade.

    To make matters worse, there is increasing evidence that the emissions scandal, so-called “dieselgate”, has reduced the sale price of second-hand diesels, leaving fleet managers with unexpectedly depreciated assets.

    Fortunately, we believe that because these fleet owners purchased diesel vehicles without knowing that manufacturers had manipulated emissions tests, they are entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation per vehicle. Thus, turning your depreciating asset into a contingent asset: your ability to claim compensation. Something that we hope can help you further reduce your fleet’s emissions.

    To find out more about the claim, download our Information for Fleet Owners Brochure.

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